Wednesday, February 09, 2005

welcoming nothingness to nowhere

Well, well, well, it's come to this. so bored that in the midst of looking at the same half a dozen sport or music sights to kill some time, then pondering whether to porn or not to porn, and settling on browsing through the parts of the suicide girls site that you don't have to pay for, I end up doing this.
inspired as i was by some of the brilliant ramblings in the "player profiles" on the abovementioned site, I had to find out whether people actually found this stuff and read it.
that way much like the girls, I can wow you with tales of how I'm an artist (the art of train-riding) or the amazing things I get up to on the weekend (wait for those amazing tales of walking the dogs).
of course, I dont expect many people to find interest in the semi-literate ramblings of an alcoholic man-child, with an ever loosening grip on reality, but fuck, who knows? If there's someone like me bored enough to write this, then there's probably tens of people bored enough to read it. It's a sane world we live in, if you work in the banking sector (how do they define this sector? are tellers included, or only management? & more importantly is there a limited supply of brackets in the world and am i using them up irresponsibly?)))
and as the spongebob inside my head is telling me to open that fridge and start todays downhil run, i will leave you with the words of the dean -
"welcome to my world, won' t you come on in, don't just press the doorbell and runaway again".
at least i think that's how it goes


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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

I came upon your site by mistake, (I'm So you're the culprit who kept me from getting the "onewink..." addy I wanted!!!
Anyway, I'm still laughing at your post. First I thought you were insane ;-) then I thought, if you're a Replacements fan, you're ok with me. :-)

March 6, 2006 at 6:21 PM  
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